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A promotional poster for a competition within the MicPlaPROB (Microplastics today project). The poster was designed based on the general visual impression of the whole project. Two versions were created – Slovenian and Italian.

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Microplastics Today Poster

Implementation Guide book for the Little Big Entrepreneurs project An instructional book that was developed with cooperation of all project partners. The book includes three chapters – two theoretical and one with practical examples of different tasks. The design was based on the logo and style of the given logos and content – the design

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Implementation Guide

RespectNET project flyer A presentational flyer for the RespectNET Erasmus+ project. The design was based on a colorful choice of the background image that has been edited and modified for the purpose. The logo was provided by a project partner, and all of the texts and information. The design, although colorful, is minimalistic and straightforward.

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Albania’s Next Unicorn Poster Design of a poster for an imaginary Start-Up competition. The client provided the logo and all of the texts. The strategy was focused on the idea of a unicorn and its colors, the figure of one looking to the right into the future. The colors were adapted to the logo color

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MicPlaPROB Leaflet, 2021 The story: The whole appearance is clean and fresh. The color choice is based on the project logo. The main image is a piece of plastic floating through air, which on first sight looks just as an elegant veil, but when looking closely the viewer sees it is, in fact plastic. The

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MicPlaPROB Project Leaflet
Spela Dermol
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