Graphic Design, Art. Interior Design.

Interior design: Design and implementation of a hallway sitting corner. 2020

Interior design: Design and implementation of a living space within an apartment. Design of a multi purpose wall (chalk and magnet). Design of a kitchen glass back-splash. 2020

Exterior design: Design and implementation of a front yard. Color scheme is corresponding with the existing landscape. 2020

Interior design: Design and implementation of a nursery. 2020

Logo: Educational Website logo. 2019

Video: Sounds of everyday in a different way. 2018.

Brochure: The Natural History Museum of Ghent; The room of Minerals. 2016.

Roboul font

Typography: RoboUl font; inspiration found in robotics lab of Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering. 100 years of the University of Ljubljana. 2019.

Le črta loči življenje od smrti

Ecology themed poster: A line is all that separates life from death. 2018.

Bo alkohol odplaknil tvoj odtis?

Ecology themed poster: Will Alcohol wash off your footprint?; 2018.

Kar zliješ, to popiješ

Ecology themed poster: What you dump, you drink. 2018.

Vsak dan je dan Zemlje

Ecology themed poster: Every day is Earth day. 2018.

blue velvet

Movie themed poster: Blue Velvet. 2017.

Brochure: Water. 2016.

3D print: 3D bow tie printing. 2019.


Poster: Black and White. 2017.

Logo: Gold Coast SUP. 2018.

Book: Biology school book redesign. 2018.

Video: Employing refugees and migrants. Group project of two faculties. 2018.

Symbols: Public transportation signs. 2018.

Pingo Dermol web

Promotional poster: Dermol Digital Business Solutions. 2018.

VR 360 Video: The Living Room. 2019.